Vaulted Scissor Truss

This week’s truss: Vaulted Variance


Joe is opening his own coffee shop and he wants to have a vaulted space with nice light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. How would you upgrade this truss to given that information?

Top Chords are Number 2 Southern Pine
Bottom Chords are Select Structural
Webs are Number 3 Southern Pine

Building Code: IBC 2021

Loads (psf unless otherwise noted):
TC Live Load 20
TC Dead Load 10
BC Live Load 0
BC Dead Load 10

Application: Commercial
Wind: 110MPH

The truss has been designed for a 250LB moving load anywhere along the bottom chords.

The answer will be posted on Thursday!

This is not a production truss! This is simply an example for Truss Tuesday conversation. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Updated: Thursday, March 21st.


You could do this in many ways, but one solution would be to upgrade the top chords to Number 1 Southern Pine and the Webs to Number 2 Southern Pine.