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Below you will find examples of how we convert the information we receive into analyzed truss drawings. We can use whatever information you already have, but we have also provided a blank template for your convenience.

Truss Repairs

Do you have a truss that has been modified or damaged after installation? We can help you determine the forces the original truss was intended to handle and help you with everything you need for a successful repair. All we need is a description of the truss geometry and loading conditions.

Odd Shaped Truss

Truss Analysis

Do you have a truss loaded in ways it was never intended to be? Or maybe you have conceptual questions about whether wood trusses are the right structural system to resist the loads in your particular project with acceptable deflection. We can get you a truss analysis to help answer your questions.

Attic Loads

Truss Placement Diagrams

Do you have questions about a project but don’t have a structural framing layout yet? Save time by letting us design a truss placement diagram for you based on the construction documents for the project. Don’t have construction documents? We can design layouts from scratch too.

Roof Layout


Starting at $100

We provide conceptual unsealed Truss Design Drawings and Truss Placement Diagrams starting at $100. Estimates are free.


24 - 48 Hours

Once we have all the information required, your drawings will be available within 48 hours depending on request volume.


As-Built Analysis

It doesn't matter what type of plates or lumber are on the truss. If you give us the details, we will get you the truss design analysis you need.

Add-On: IFC Files

 Clash Detection & Geometry Coordination

We can provide IFC files as a project add-on to conveniently load into BIM software like Revit to help you with clash detection and geometry coordination.

Add-On: Materials Takeoff

Detailed Material Breakdowns

Let us take the guesswork out of your project with a detailed spreadsheet of materials. Plug in local market pricing for an accurate material cost estimate. 

Sealed Drawings & Truss Fabrication

While requirements vary by project and location, if you need engineered drawings we can refer you to our network of engineering partners to potentially provide access to sealing and stamping services and truss fabrication. Truss Pal is not an engineering company; therefore, all drawings produced are purely for conceptual use and are not valid for any particular project unless reviewed, verified, and stamped by a competent professional engineer. 


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What is the best way to send information to Truss Pal?

If the truss already exists, the original truss drawing would be best. Otherwise, a detailed sketch as you see on our examples page will get us started in the right direction. You can download a template here.

Who is Truss Pal for?

Anyone who has truss questions! Whether you are designing a new construction project and have questions about cost or performance, you have existing trusses that you need to better understand their capacity under some new loading conditions, or you are investigating a serviceability or collapse issue where trusses are involved, Truss Pal can help you get the information you need.

What is the typical amount of time it takes for Truss Pal to create and return my Truss Design Drawings?

For a single, unsealed design, we expect to have a Design back to you within 24 to 48 hours. For multiple trusses or a truss placement diagram, it rarely takes more than a few days. Engineered drawings, repairs, and layouts will vary by project.

How complicated of a truss can be designed using Truss Pal?

Pretty complicated! While I am sure there are conditions we can’t handle, we haven’t found a customer that we couldn’t help yet!

What if I am not satisfied or have a problem with the Truss Design Drawings I get from Truss Pal?

We will make it right one way or another, whether by making revisions, giving you a refund, or discounting future purchases, we will find a way to make sure you are satisfied!

How do I know that my credit card information is being safely handled by Truss Pal?

We do not store any credit card information. The card is used for the transaction via our secure payment provider, Stripe.

What structural assumptions are made when Truss Pal creates a Truss Design Drawing?

We won’t make any assumptions about your project. We will verify all loads, analyses, and materials before giving you a proper proposal. We do this to ensure accuracy and your satisfaction with our drawings.

Can I specify concentrated and distributed loads in addition to the general dead and environmental loading?

Absolutely, we can specify any number concentrated and distributed loading conditions for your design, just let us know where, what magnitude and the duration factor you are looking for

What warranties are made for Truss Design Drawings?

Our Truss Design Drawings are for conceptual use only and are not valid for any particular project unless reviewed, verified, and stamped by a competent professional engineer. Truss Pal is not and engineering company and makes no warranties about the information provided to you.