LEt’s Work Together

From Truss Design to Truss Placement Diagrams, No Project is Too Big or Too Small


Starting at $100

We provide conceptual unsealed Truss Design Drawings and Truss Placement Diagrams starting at $100. Estimates are free.


24 - 48 Hours

Once we have all the information required, your drawings will be available within 48 hours depending on request volume.


As-Built Analysis

It doesn't matter what type of plates or lumber are on the truss. If you give us the details, we will get you the truss design analysis you need.

Add-On: IFC Files

 Clash Detection & Geometry Coordination

We can provide IFC files as a project add-on to conveniently load into BIM software like Revit to help you with clash detection and geometry coordination.

Add-On: Materials Takeoff

Detailed Material Breakdowns

Let us take the guesswork out of your project with a detailed spreadsheet of materials. Plug in local market pricing for an accurate material cost estimate. 

Sealed Drawings & Truss Fabrication

While requirements vary by project and location, if you need engineered drawings we can refer you to our network of engineering partners to potentially provide access to sealing and stamping services and truss fabrication. Truss Pal is not an engineering company; therefore, all drawings produced are purely for conceptual use and are not valid for any particular project unless reviewed, verified, and stamped by a competent professional engineer.