This week’s truss: Tower of Terror


This truss has one chord member that needs to be upgraded to Number 1, but all the rest will work at Number 2. Which one do you think it is?

Chords are 2×4 Southern Pine #2
Webs are 2×4 Southern Pine #3
End Vertical is 2×8 Southern Pine #3

Building Code: FBC 2020

Loads (psf unless otherwise noted):

TC Live Load 20
TC Dead Load 10
BC Live Load 0
BC Dead Load 10

Wind: 130 mph

The answer will be posted on Thursday!

This is not a production truss! This is simply an example for Truss Tuesday conversation. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Updated: Thursday, April 11th

Answer: It’s B2! That span is long enough to cause significant bending in the bottom chord. The tower is well-supported by the thick end vertical and permanent bracing.