Attic Truss

This week’s truss: Pool Table Problem


You’re building a house and have plans for an amazing man-cave that includes a pool table. Will the trusses you have designed support the 1000lb table?

All lumber is Southern Pine MSR 2400 F 2 0 E

Building Code: IBC 2021

Loads(psf unless otherwise noted):
TC Live Load 20
TC Dead Load 10
BC Live Load 5
BC Dead Load 10
Application: Residential

Wind: 115mph

The answer will be posted on Thursday!

This is not a production truss! This is simply an example for Truss Tuesday conversation. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Updated: Thursday, March 7th, 2024


Unfortunately, you may need to reconsider your pool table material. A 1000lb pool table would put too much stress on plates 14 and 15 and potentially cause them to lose grip on B2.