Have you ever had a project that required the analysis of an existing structure with prefabricated metal plate-connected wood truss framing? Having trouble tracking down the original Truss Design Drawings? Have the Truss Designs but need to know how they would handle additional loading or modifications? Truss Pal can help!

Instead of relying on manual methods or begging a truss manufacturer to run a design for you, let us provide you with a Truss Design Drawing that matches the trusses you are working with.

Whether you are evaluating an existing structure for retrofitting additional loading like solar panels or a new HVAC unit, or you are attempting to get a sense of whether prefabricated wood trusses are a good fit for your construction project, let us help you by quickly providing detailed and accurate Truss Design Drawings.

We are familiar with the urgency that comes with Truss Repairs. We understand the concern of specifying a floor truss system that could end up being overly flexible or squeaky (but technically within code!). We’ve been involved in conversations about how to make trusses work on a job where the site-built dimensions don’t match the plans. Let us use our experience to help you with your project today.

If you have any truss issues but don’t see what you are looking for on our website, let us know by sending a question to salessupport@trusspal.com and we will try to connect you to someone in the industry who can help.


Stay tuned as we expand our offerings in the coming months!